“Beautifully warm production…we have a winner.”

- triple j Unearthed review, ‘Monuments’ – Zan Rowe


“I keep wanting to not let the next song play because Monuments is so good.”

- The Most Definitely review, ‘Monuments’


“Fox takes the song to many different places, but never to a place that feels wrong.”

– AAA Backstage review, ‘Monuments’

"When we need to remember a person, a time, a place or a moment, we can build monuments to remember them by. 
These physical structures can stand as a symbol, but can also be affected over time by human activity and the elements of nature. 
In my experience, some of the strongest Monuments we can build are inside us, in our minds, where nothing can alter them.
 If we can let others in, these Monuments then have the potential to be timeless, and last forever."